Covid-19 Info & Updates

Preparing for Your Arrival

Our Synagogue is following all guidelines related to the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting our spaces. High touch surfaces (doors, doorknobs, tables, chairs, light switches, sinks, and toilets) are cleaned throughout the day, and deep cleaned and disinfected nightly. Our staff is doing rounds hourly to ensure the building remains clean and disinfected. 

All classrooms are equipped with air purifiers that provide HEPA and UV-C filtration. 

When You Arrive at the Synagogue

Everyone age 2 and over must wear masks to gain entry to the synagogue and throughout your time in the building. 

All those who enter the Synagogue (adults, babies, and toddlers) have their temperature checked. If you, your child, or your caregiver has a temperature above 100.0 F, they will not be allowed to enter. 

We have decreased the capacity of our two elevators to two grown-up and child pairs. Signage will indicate that occupants face different directions. 

If choosing to use the stairwell, we ask that you use the right-hand side if you are going up or down the stairs. If you are going up or down the stairs and see someone coming in the opposite direction, please stop at the landing and allow the person to pass. As much as possible, stay to the right when walking through the hallways of the 5th floor and follow the floor arrows. 

When You Get to the 5th Floor

Please utilize the Purell station provided and head down to the area outside of our classroom to deposit your belongings. Signs designate a separate spot for each family. Please note that all baby bottles must be capped and sippy cups/external snacks placed away from reach. 

All staff, grown-ups, and children must wash their hands upon arrival, after using the restroom, before eating, and before leaving the building. 

There are three bathrooms on the 5th floor, located off our main center hallway, equipped with changing tables and diaper pails. Each of the bathrooms are single bathrooms only, with one parent and child utilizing the bathroom at a time. We request that you change diapers only in these bathrooms and wipe down the table after each change, using the provided gloves, wipes, and sanitizer.

In Our Classrooms

We keep track of all participants so we have an accurate record of who is in the building at any given time. 

All adults on the floor are required to wear masks at all times. Children under 2 are not required to wear masks.  

We ensure there is no sharing of materials and all toys are disinfected after use. We do not use toys that cannot be easily cleaned or sanitized, such as stuffed animals, dress-up clothes, and puppets, and ask that you please do not bring toys from home. 


If someone tests positive for COVID-19, we will report that there has been an exposure to all the families present, without naming the family. We will let you know if your children were in close contact with the individual. We will also report it to the Department of Health and the Department of Children and Family Services. We will then follow their guidance. 

We will keep you informed in the event that everybody who was within 6 feet of the person who has tested positive (for at least 15 minutes) and related quarantine information.   

We recognize that all these new safety measures will take some getting used to. Our goal is to make our families as comfortable as possible so they can still have fun. 
We can’t wait to have you and your children join us!