Room rentals are based on your number of guests and the availability of the space. Rentals include the spaces, tables, chairs, a coffee/tea/ice water set-up, and security.

Room Name Room Capacity Rental Fee (member/non-member)
Leader Board Room 60 people $1,365 / $1,800
5th Floor Event Space 72 people $1,365 / $1,800
Eisner Auditorium 100 people $1,365 / $1,800

Please Note:

  • Please see our list of approved caterers for options. You are welcome to do a drop-off; however, the caterer must send someone to set up the food.
  • The family or caterer are responsible for paper goods, decorations, and challah.
  • Strollers are not permitted in the building for security purposes. Please plan accordingly.
  • Rooms may not be booked until the baby is born.
  • We can also supply the kiddush cup with wine for the ceremony upon request.
CRS Facility Information

For more details concerning a room rental, or if you have any questions, please contact Kathleen Reina at (646) 454-3043 or

  • The mohel should be your first phone call, to set the time of the Bris. After that, please email Rachael Evans at to book the space.
  • Mohel—you are welcome to use any mohel you choose; we have a list of a few our clergy have worked with, available on request.
  • The rental includes both a chapel space for the service and a second space for the luncheon. It is a three-hour rental in total for ceremony and meal.
  • The service will be in either the Schnurmacher Chapel (200 people) or the 5th Floor Chapel (100 people) based on your booking needs.

Baby Naming ceremonies are generally done in conjunction with our Friday evening and Saturday morning Services.

To reserve a date for the ceremony, you will need to speak to the Rabbis’ study. They will explain the details of the ceremony and what information is needed. Please contact Joanna Schutzer at

If you would like to have a reception following the ceremony, you may rent a room in the Synagogue. Please contact Kathleen Reina at for more information.